About Us

about iWatershopi-Water carries a trademark and is owned by i-Watershop Hydration (Pty) LTD which has two directors, Maureen Dosoudil and partner Lizette Kilian. We both come from a marketing background and have been drinking bottled water for many years. We even consider ourselves experts on the taste, because all water does not taste the same. We are proud to say our water does taste delicious. We are both goal driven individuals with strong beliefs in ethical trading and want to not only make a success of our own water shops but also extend the privilege to others.

i-Water therefore commits to support the franchisee from set-up to continual assistance to build and maintain a profitable business. As far as possible due to distance restraints we will make regular visits to the franchisee site of business and especially at set-up will be there to provide guidance in choosing premises and installation of equipment and interior furnishings. Training will be provided prior to start-up and on an on-going basis as products develop.

Our brand is based on ethical trading which creates a climate of fair practice wherein the franchisee is able to maximise profits whilst building a loyal client base. We want to establish a brand that facilitates a platform for fellow franchisees to share their experiences where they can discuss best practices, pitfalls and trends. We will walk the walk not just talk the talk!