Alkaline Jugs


Remove chlorine from your drinking water as well as reduce acidity the easy way with the alkaline jug whilst improving your general well-being through the benefits of drinking alkaline water. Chlorine is a toxic gas which attacks living cells. It was used extensively as a chemical warfare agent. Today it is used to treat municipal water supplies to kill micro-organisms. However chlorine attacks organic material and damages living cells. Besides water with high levels of chlorine not only damage the body, but also taste bad and have a foul odour.

The filter in the alkaline jug converts ordinary tap water into alkaline ionised water rich antioxidant water to help energise and revitalise the body. Anti-oxidant alkaline water can help to restore the alkaline pH in your body within weeks.

Benefits in a nutshell

iWatershop alkaline jugs

Lowers body acidity by increasing pH – Removes chlorine – Absorbs heavy metals – Reduces lime scale – Improve the taste – Silky smooth feel.

How does alkaline water reduce acidity?

When we drink alkaline water the pH in the stomach increases. The stomach wall then secretes hydrochloric acid to restore the stomach pH. The by-product of making hydrochloric acid is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) or potassium bicarbonate (KHC03) which goes into the blood stream. These bicarbonates are the alkaline buffers that neutralise excess acids in the blood; they dissolve solid acid wastes into liquid form. Alkaline water flushes toxins, disarms free radicals and restores alkalinity to the body.

The filter has a smart digital indicator that reminds you when to replace the filter.