Shower Filters

Did you know that when you have a hot shower this increases the chlorine fumes given off from tap water and that you inhale these toxic fumes whilst showering? You also absorb chlorine from the water through your skin. Chlorine is a known carcinogen and should be avoided in all forms at all times.

  • Shower filter standard: the most important benefit is that it eliminates chlorine from your shower water. This results in pure, clean water thereby protecting your health. Chlorine free water will preserve moisture that will not dry out your skin leaving you with a pampered skin. Does wonders for your hair as well.
  • Shower filter premium: with an additional anion swirling deflector this shower filter releases anion energy that creates a feeling similar to what one feels when walking in a forest or standing next to a water fall – very relaxing almost like enjoying a spa treatment. PLUS all the benefits of the standard shower filter.