Still Water

REFILLS 90C/L for 5L and more.

iWatershop mineral waterThe problem of good quality water has become not only a local and/or national issue but features high on the international list of environmental risks. Environmental factors such as overcrowding, informal settlements close to water supplies and inefficient and incompetent maintenance of municipal supply piping to users is a worrying factor. Reverse Osmosis is a process where water is demineralised using high pressure to force incoming water through a semi-permeable membrane producing the cleanest water possible.

Normal filtration units will only reduce certain contaminants such as silt, rust, chlorine and bacteria up to 96%. Your reverse osmosis unit will purify your water up to 99.9% or 1 microns, thus removing other dissolved contaminants such as colloid, lead, mercury, germs and other metals. A good RO systems will produce water with a reading of less than 15 total dissolvable solids (TDS). Most importantly reverse osmosis systems removes chlorine and fluoride from municipal water. Chlorine is a known carcinogen.