Replacement Filters & Spares


i-Water supplies the widest ranges of residential & industrial filter cartridges in Africa. We stock standard filters at all times and can source any filter to meet your specifications within 36 hours.

It is essential that you maintain your home reverse osmosis unit to ensure you produce only the cleanest water and that you do not “poison” your drinking water. This is an example of how your filters look when they are not properly maintained. The difference between the new and used filters is evident and tells its own story. When the filter is not changed regularly, contaminants build up in the filter, it slows the flow of the water and most importantly, it feeds all the contaminants back into your drinking water!

Compare dirty filters to clean


Sediment filterActive Carbon Block


Granulated Active CarbonRO Membrane



Taste and OdourMineral Injector

Alkaline Filter

We stock replacement filters for

20 inch standard and Big Blue 10 inch/ 20 inch


Please contact us for spares you need for purification and filtration units. We have access to full range within 24 hours.