Big Blue Whole home & Ultra Filtration


10 inch and 20 inch big blue home filtration system

With or without UV light. This is a typical 20 inch big blue. The 10 inch big blue is half the size.

Install between your water inlet supply and house to ensure all water supply in the house is filtered. Of special note is the removal of chlorine from the water.


  • 3 x 10 inch or 20 inch Big Blue Housings are frame mounted
  • All systems come with sediment, carbon block and GAC
  • High quality high flow filters

Flow rate: +/- 5000 litres per hour and requires low pressure usage equivalent to 1,5 bars incoming pressure; do not exceed 4bar. Must be fitted with a pressure valve.

Filter Lifespan 3-6 months depends on usage and water quality and can last for a year if incoming water is clean and there are no water leaks on the main supply line. Whole House Water Filtering Systems are modular systems that allow you to custom order a water filter system for your water treatment requirements. This ensures removal of all contaminants pollutants and turbidity found in your water so you have the best combination of water pressure and water quality.

Why Big Blue Water Filters? Natural well water (borehole) does not undergo preliminary testing or treatment. The source of your well water can be changed at any time from contaminants entering the water source. Our Big Blue systems is a customised system made just for you and your family. The Big Blue Filter Systems deliver pure, clean and fresh tasting water to assure the health of your family and a peace of mind.

Removes chlorine from municipal water so that you can enjoy a long soak in the bath without absorbing chlorine through the skin. OR enjoy a shower without breathing in chlorine fumes.


Stage 1: Sediment Filtration

Functions: Removing sand, rust, mud, sediment, etc. in water.

Stage 2: Granular Active Carbon Filtration

Functions: To absorb odour, chlorine and its outgrowth in raw water.

Stage 3: Block Active Carbon Filtration.

Function: Completely removing bad smell in water

Stage 4: Ultra-Filtration Membrane

Function: To remove pathogens and bacterium from water by using physical barrier filtration.

Stage 5: Post inline Carbon Filter

Function: To absorb odour and adjust the taste of purified water